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Seira Sakurai covered the song in their 2007 album Anime Trance 3 and the 2008 album Anime Dance ~ Anison Hit Suite. Several other accomplices who participated in Furuta's abuse were officially identified, including Tetsuo Nakamura and Koichi Ihara, who were charged with rape after their DNA was found on and inside the victim's body. To discourage further investigation, the kidnappers forced her to call her mother and say she had run away, but was safe and staying with some friends. On 29 March, two police officers came to interrogate them, as women's underwear had been found at their addresses. He is said to have boasted about his role in the kidnapping, rape and torture of Furuta. In one incident, Miyano repeatedly burned Furuta's legs and arms with lighter fluid. The group kicked and punched her, ignited a candle and dripped hot wax on her face, placed two short candles on her eyelids, and forced her to drink her own urine. When Minato's parents were present, Furuta was forced to act as his girlfriend. She had written in her blog that she had kidney problems and inflammation of the urinary tract and bladder. She was raped in her early teens and had an abortion. On March 1, 2009, a memorial service for Iijima was held at the Tokyo Prince Hotel with 700 friends and relatives attending. Information and Communication Studies. At the time of the crime, they used the second floor of Minato's house as a hangout, and had, as , previously engaged in crimes including purse snatching, extortion, and rape. Retrieved from on 29 September 2009. In 1995, she also for the main protagonist of the video game. He appealed his sentence, but judge Ryūji Yanase sentenced him to an additional three years in prison. Iijima became involved in campaigns to educate the public about , a cause that few Japanese celebrities were willing to undertake. Later the same month, she participated in a United Nations program in Tokyo on AIDS awareness in the week leading up to on December 1, 2004. The crime was believed to be the "worst case of juvenile delinquency" in. Minato's brother was also aware of the situation, but did nothing to prevent it. On 27 November, Furuta's parents contacted the police about her disappearance. III; Research Team 12 June 1992. The book was a best-seller, selling over 1. Her novel became the basis for a toned down three-hour television series starring which was broadcast by in two parts in September 2001. He was 16 at the time of the murder. Furuta eventually succumbed to her wounds and died. Furuta, accepting this offer, was unaware that Miyano was leading her to a nearby warehouse, where he revealed his yakuza connections. He raped her in the warehouse and again in a nearby hotel, threatening to kill her. On 1 April 1989, Jō Ogura was arrested for a separate sexual assault, and subsequently re-arrested for Furuta's murder. They had learned her home address from a notebook in her backpack and told her that they knew where she lived, and that yakuza members would kill her family if she attempted to escape. She had been dead for about seven days, police said. Many believed that the sentences were too light for the severity of the crimes committed. Furuta's parents were dismayed by the sentences received by their daughter's killers and won a civil suit against the parents of Nobuharu Minato, in whose home the crimes were committed. She was identified via fingerprints. They dropped this pretense when it became clear that Minato's parents would not report them to the police. I have never imagined that we would see you again in this way. On December 24, 2008 at about 3:30 p. Later in the day, some 1500 people offered prayers as the service was opened to the public. They continued to beat her and dropped an iron exercise ball onto her stomach several times. So we graduated together — all of us. Miyano, under the pretense of witnessing the attack by coincidence, approached Furuta and offered to walk her home safely. For his role in the crime, Jō Ogura served eight years in a juvenile prison before he was released in August 1999. Items from her early career began going for high prices, and an unauthorized 2002 box-set release of her adult videos sold very well, until her lawyers took it off the market. She even provided the story for her own series, , in which she was featured as the main character. I will announce my future plans next week. Thinking that Jō Ogura had confessed to the crimes against Furuta, Miyano told the police where to find Furuta's body. He was 18 at the time of the murder. That case remains unsolved to this day. Miyano in a school portrait The identities of the boys were sealed by the court as they were all juveniles at the time of the crime. Archived from on March 12, 2007. He was sentenced to seven years in prison for assaulting Isono and has since been released. Iijima claims that on this occasion, the future discussed the sex life of with her. Archived from on March 7, 2007. She later became the hostess on the nighttime television program, , and transitioned away from AV work. Archived from on May 6, 2007. Archived from on 11 June 2009. By 2004, the book had been translated into , Chinese, Spanish and. All proceeds for the day went to the. The Minatos stated that they did not intervene because they were aware of Miyano's yakuza connections and feared retaliation, and because their own son was increasingly violent toward them. Please rest in peace… Furuta's intended future employer presented her parents with the uniform she would have worn in the position she had accepted. At least three books have been written about the crime. Afraid of being penalized for murder, the group wrapped her body in blankets and shoved her into a travel bag. She visited Taiwan where her book was a best-seller on a promotional tour in February 2001 and was "besieged by journalists" at the airport. It has also been reported that Ogura had depleted his father's savings, money which was intended to be provided as to Furuta's family, buying and consuming a number of luxury goods. The police were initially puzzled by the confession, as they had been referring to the murder of a different woman and her seven-year-old son that had occurred nine days prior to Furuta's abduction. Furuta allegedly made attempts to put out the fire, but gradually became unresponsive. She was also forced to smoke multiple cigarettes at once and inhale. The house, which was owned by Minato's parents, soon became their regular gang hangout. She entered mainstream media as a hostess on the nighttime television program, , where she became known as the "T-Back Queen", for her practice of turning her rear to the camera, lifting her skirt and flashing her , known in Japan as a "T-Back". It was described as "a teary two-hour sayonara party complete with speeches, bouquets and lots of blubbering". In March 2007, when asked by the host of Sunday Japon whether rumors of her retirement were true, Iijima replied, "Yes, I have been wanting to quit for some time. Under Miyano's orders, Minato kicked Furuta off her bike and fled the scene. He drove him from to his mother's bar in , where he allegedly beat Isono for four hours. After kicking her, she fell onto a stereo unit and collapsed into a fit of convulsions. The abuse was mainly perpetrated by four teenage boys, Hiroshi Miyano, Jō Ogura, Shinji Minato, and Yasushi Watanabe, over a period of 40 days from November 1988 to January 1989. It was also at this time that Iijima became involved in campaigns to educate the public about , a cause that few Japanese celebrities were willing to undertake. Jun-chan, there is no more pain, no more suffering. JST , Iijima was found dead in her 21st floor Tokyo apartment, not far from Shibuya Crossing. After his release, he took the family name "Kamisaku" when he was adopted by a supporter of his. In 1997, she released a video game for the called Good Island Cafe. Publicly, Iijima became known for her outspokenness and ability to speak frankly about her past and her personal life. She was found lying face-down on the floor when medics forced their way into her place. After his release, Minato moved in with his mother. After ending her career in adult videos, Iijima released a musical single Naisho DE Ai! The game is entirely in Japanese. The uniform was placed in her casket. After ending her career in adult videos, Iijima released a musical single Naisho DE Ai! One of her friends' memorial address stated: Jun-chan, welcome back. Anison Cover 'Ppoido Non-Stop Mix. During that time, Ogura repeatedly threatened to kill the man, telling him that he had killed before and knew how to get away with it. Silent Jazz Case covered the song in her 2012 album Cure Jazz. She quickly became the top AV actress of the time, appearing in over 100 films. Archived from on 22 February 2013. Iijima re-recorded both "Ai Oboete Imasu ka" and "Tenshi no Enogu" in her 2002 self-cover album Mari Iijima Sings Lynn Minmay to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Macross franchise. In July 1990, a lower court sentenced Hiroshi Miyano, the alleged leader of the crime, to 17 years in prison. She ran away from home as a teenager, later stating, "I hated my parents, to the point where I would rather be coached by bums to sleep in parks wrapped in newspaper blankets. Iijima's , "watashi teki ni" "my way" , became well known due to the popularity of the book and the movies. In February 2009, police announced that the pathology examination showed she had died of , and that there was no suggestion of either suicide or murder. Iijima was given a posthumous Special Award at the 9th Takeshi Kitano Entertainment Awards for 2009. With her pornographic video past a decade away, Iijima was so well known as a mainstream TV celebrity that many younger members of her audience were unaware that she had once been one of the top AV actresses. The police found the drum containing Furuta's body the following day. Due to her severe injuries and infected burns, she became unable to go to the downstairs toilet, and became confined to the floor of Minato's room in a state of extreme weakness. At the time Japanese people were concerned about a US-influenced epidemic of violent crime, what they called the "American disease". Shibuya Infoss Tower, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan Other names Ai Candy Height 1. I have heard that the principal has presented you with a graduation certificate. Iijima had been popular in Taiwan since the early 1990s when her adult videos began to be imported and she remained a celebrity there for her entire career. One of the top AV models by the age of 20, with admitted breast implants, a nose job, eyebrow work and bottom work as well, she decided to leave the , intent on a career in mainstream entertainment. As a teenager, she attended Yashio-Minami High School and worked part-time at a plastic molding factory during after-school hours since October 1988. In July 2004, he was arrested for assaulting Takatoshi Isono, an acquaintance he thought his girlfriend may have been involved with. Iijima continued her activities for this cause in public forums and in her blog for the rest of her life. All four boys pled guilty to "committing bodily injury that resulted in death," rather than murder. Furuta also accepted a job at an electronics retailer, where she planned on working after graduation. JST , Iijima was found dead in her 21st floor Tokyo apartment, pathology examination showed she had died of shortly after retiring from the public eye. In addition, she recorded a duet with in the 1997 drama CD Macross Generation. Less than 24 hours after her death, Minato's brother called to tell him that Furuta appeared to be dead. Ogura tracked Isono down, beat him, and shoved him into his truck. According to their statements, the four shaved her pubic hair, forced her to dance to music while naked and masturbate in front of them, and left her on the balcony in the middle of the night with little clothing. On March 3, 2007, had reported that Ai Iijima was suffering from , ascending urinary tract infection that has reached the of the , , and acute backache. Berkeley, California: Stone Bridge Press. In November 2004, Iijima was invited to speak about her past at the. Minato's parents and brother were not charged. They inserted objects into her vagina and anus, including a lit match, a metal rod, and a bottle, and force-fed her with large amounts of alcohol, milk and water. Ogura's mother allegedly vandalized Furuta's grave, stating that she had ruined her son's life. In January 2013, Miyano was re-arrested for fraud. From the hotel, Miyano called Minato and his other friends, Jō Ogura and Yasushi Watanabe, and bragged to them about the rape. They poured lighter fluid onto her thighs, arms, face, and stomach and set her on fire once again. At high school, Furuta was well-liked by her classmates, with high grades and very infrequent absences. On 4 January 1989, after losing a game of , Miyano decided to vent his anger on Furuta. Furuta's appearance was drastically altered from the brutality of the attacks. Yujin Kitagawa later a member of the music duo played the role of the principal culprit, and Mai Sasaki played the role of Furuta. They stated that, given the severity of the crime, the accused did not deserve to have their right to anonymity upheld. They also forced Furuta to stop the police investigation. She also recorded an alternate version titled "Ai Oboete Imasu ka ~ Bless the Little Queen" in the 2008 soundtrack album. He was 17 at the time of the murder. On 23 January 1989, Miyano and Ogura were arrested for the gang-rape of the 19-year-old girl whom they had kidnapped in December. Privately, a friend says, "At first glance, Ai appears really rough around the edges, but she's actually really sensitive, and she always thinks of others in ways like giving them little presents. As a result, the boys kidnapped and gang-raped a 19-year-old woman who, like Furuta, was on her way home from work. Written by Kazumi Yasui and , it was used as the of the 1984 film , which also featured Iijima as the voice of. They then put her body in a 55-gallon 208 liter drum and filled it with wet concrete. The game operates like an , where players can make clips in black and white, and watch an interview with her. She did this to save up money for a graduation plan she had arranged. During the interrogation, Miyano believed that one of the officers was aware of his culpability in Furuta's murder. By the end of December, Furuta was severely malnourished after being fed only small amounts of food and eventually only milk. The attack reportedly lasted two hours. She later revealed in her blog that she was suffering from health problems, causing rumors of her possible retirement from show business to circulate in the press. Another adaptation of the novel with in the lead role was released as an theatrical film by in October 2001 titled Platonic Sex. Since she was bleeding profusely, and was emerging from her infected burns, the four boys covered their hands in plastic bags, so that her pus wouldn't get on their hands. You must have been in so much pain…so much suffering… The we all made for the school festival looked really good on you. Her body was also severely crippled, giving off a that caused the four boys to lose sexual interest in her. The location near where Furuta's body was discovered has been developed since and is now park. Journalists from the magazine discovered their identities, however, and published them. Miyano was denied parole in 2004. Iijima's acceptance into the mainstream gave her access to the highest levels of Japanese society, including once having dinner with , who was Japan's at the time. The group had a history of and had recently kidnapped and raped another girl, whom they released afterward. Before long, she became one of the most successful to make the transition from pornography into mainstream entertainment. Ogura reportedly asked Miyano to keep her in captivity in order to allow numerous people to sexually assault her. The arrest of Watanabe, Minato, and Minato's brother followed. The four boys overpowered her, took her to a house in the Ayase district of , and gang-raped her. Yasushi Watanabe, who was originally sentenced to three-to-four years in prison, received an upgraded sentence of five-to-seven years. Archived from on June 28, 2008. Due to insufficient evidence, he was released without charge later that month. The 20-year sentence is the second-highest sentence given in Japan before. Late in 2006, she took two weeks off from her position as a panelist on the Sunday morning TV variety show, Sunday Japon. Her face was so swollen that it was difficult to make out her features. However, when psychic Fujiko Kimura confronted Iijima on the program, telling her not to retire and suggesting that there was more behind the retirement announcement than had been made public, Iijima "seemed to admit as much and was reduced to tears. At her graduation, Furuta's school principal presented her a high school diploma, which was given to her parents.。 。 。 。 。 。 。